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Good nutrition is hugely important for your child’s health and development and we pride ourselves on the quality of the food that we provide. To give your child the best possible start in life, we know how important food is and we follow the Government’s latest recommendations on diet in early years.

Our five-weekly menus are changed seasonally so that your child is benefitting from fresh, delicious produce. Meal plans are prepared using the Caroline Walker Trust guidance to ensure that each meal supports your child’s development. Freshly cooked on-site by our own cook, all of our mouth-water meals use locally sourced produce where possible, without any salt, limiting sugar and incorporating at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

A vegetarian alternative is always available and various special dietary requirements, such as non-dairy, can be catered for.

For younger children, we will always follow your child’s ever-changing feeding routine and we will fully cooperate with you during the weaning process when you feel your child is ready. Babies moving onto solids and weaning are offered foods such as stewed fruit or pureed vegetables and are gradually introduced to other flavours, in consultation with parents. For babies, their meals are usually modified versions of the main meal and are mashed/blended as required.

All our staff are trained in food hygiene and have experience in supporting children at meal times. Whilst supporting your child’s independence, they will encourage them to try new things and understand the benefit of making healthy options.

Social experience
We understand that at nursery age, children are much more likely to try more foods and this will change very quickly as they grow up. Treating meal times as a social occasion, children get the opportunity to improve their social development while developing concepts such as table manners and trying new foods. Parents are often amazed at what their ‘fussy eaters’ will eat in the company of their peers at nursery.

We also recognise that meal times are an opportunity for your child to develop their independence further. Older children help to set the table and serve themselves while supported and encouraged by staff.





Organic milk and snacks are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon. To support their independence, children over 2 are able to serve themselves and pour their own drinks.

Your child is served organic milk at snack times and water is available throughout the day. The under-2s have full fat milk whilst older children have semi-skimmed, as per government guidance.

All of our staff follow our robust allergies policy and we work closely with parents to ensure that we are aware of dietary requirements and intolerances. Our meals may contain milk, wheat, dairy, fish or egg. A full list of allergens for each dish is available in the office and parents are encouraged to discuss this with our staff.

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