Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Birstall Rainbow Nursery have got together and answered some of the most commonly asked questions. We hope this is helpful to you. 

Do you close on bank holidays? 

We are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays and for a week at Christmas - we do not charge for them. We are open on Good Friday.

What does my child need to bring to nursery? 

Comforter (if they have one) 

Spare change of clothes 

Hat and sun cream (during summer) 

Wellie boots (in wet weather) 

Suitable clothing for outdoors (we go out most days) 

Any medication (forms must be filled in; see below for our medication and illness policy) 

Nappies, wipes/cotton wool and nappy cream 

Bottles and formula milk (if used) 

Please ensure all personal items are labelled.


How long does my child need to take off nursery when they are ill? 

If your child is sick they should stay away until they are well enough to return. For contagious and infectious illness there is specific guidance which needs to be followed (eg sickness  24 hours after the last bout and diarrhea  48 hours after the last bout). Please find the latest government guidelines here. 

Can you give my child medication? 

We can give any prescribed medications but it must have the prescription label on with the child’s name and dosing instructions. All medication must be written on a medication form and this must be completed when you drop your child off. We are only allowed to give paracetamol or ibuprofen (eg Calpol) for a maximum of three days in line with our medication policy. 

Do I need to supply my own nappies and formula milk? 

Yes, please. Formula milk needs to be supplied in small pots along with the bottles with the correct water to power ratios which we will make-up before each feed. 

What meals does nursery provide? 

We provide healthy foods through out the day: 

Breakfast  - 8am  9am 

Morning snack - 10 am 

A home-made hot lunch – 12pm/babies - 11.30am

Afternoon snack – 2.30pm 

A light tea – 4pm

Water is available all day and the children have organic milk at snack times. Menus are on display in the main hallway as well as on this website and can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your child.

How many settling in sessions does my child have and how long does it take to settle in?

We need you to have a minimum of one stay and play session for the adult and child to stay together. You will meet the staff within the room and work together to gain some starting points for your child’s development. Then we like an additional hour when your child will stay by themselves.  Any more visits can be arranged depending on the individual needs of your child. Following these sessions, dependent who your child feels comfortable with, we can select their keyperson. 

Where does my child sleep?

Children in the baby room (Bunnies) sleep in cots, rockers and pushchairs and then move on to sleep mats as they grow. In the Ducklings and Little Owls they sleep in their own room on sleep mats. When children are sleeping or resting they are in an area away from the children who are playing so that they are not disturbed.

What is the ratio of adults to children?

The manager, cook and handyman are not counted in ratio, the deputies when they are on allocated time out of the room are also not counted in ratio. The following ratios then apply:- 
Children aged 0-24 months - 1:3
Children aged from 2 to 3 years - 1:4
Children aged 3+ - 1:8

Can I take photographs of my child playing with their friends at nursery?

No you are not able to do this due to safeguarding issues.

Is it OK to use my phone in nursery?

No you are not able to do this due to safeguarding issues.


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